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"Spread your legs." He said in a deep dark whisper.

She smiled and parted her thighs so that the cool air hit her bare cunt lips. . .they were already damp with arousal. He looked her in the eye as his hand slid under her skirt and let his fingers brush against her lips.

"Mmm nice and sloppy already." He grinned.

She nodded and wiggled her ass against the chair so her lips rubbed his finger tips harder. "All sloppy for you." She bit her lip and grinned innocently, her eyes flashing an evil glint as she pushed forward so his fingers parted her cunt and let her juices begin to drip down her ass crack. "Very sloppy for you."

"Mmm." He purred. "Such a good slut for me huh?"

She nodded and wiggled again and enjoyed the feeling of cum dripping out of her wet pussy. She loved being sloppy wet for him, knowing her cunt was his, that her pussy was waiting for his big cock to stuff it full and fuck her hard. She wanted to feel his balls emptied into her pussy, making her drip his goo down her ass crack and soaking through her panties. She couldn't wait to feel him grab her hair and make her lick his half hard cock clean of their sex.

The congregation rose. . .

After the hymn was over she sat again, flushed and frustrated beyond words. She once again spread her legs for him and waited for the return of his strong fingers. As his hands slid over her thigh, she loved the rough feel of his hands as his fingers sought her wet pussy again, grabbing her thigh roughly and spreading her wider. She tried to keep a composed face as he sunk a finger right up to the second knuckle in her cunt and then pulled it out, using her own cum to smear a trail of wetness across her thighs.

She was biting her lip to keep from making any noise as he grinned and stuffed it into her again and then again, quietly and secretly making her almost explode. His finger deep in her again, he wiggled it and she grabbed his arm and swallowed the squeal that was trying to break free from her lungs.

She looked at him pleadingly and he grinned and stopped, removing the finger slowly so her pussy dripped cum down the crack of her ass and began to make a puddle under her. She knew her pretty Sunday dress was going to be soaking if he kept this up but at the same time, an evil side of her wanted it to be. She wanted to walk out dripping cum and ready for fucking. She grinned at him as he rubbed her soaking lips, pinching them together so they rubbed on her clit and sent shivers through her body.

They bowed their heads in prayer and it was time for her revenge. She coyly reached over to hold his hand and missed. . .Her fingers instead curling momentarily around the hard bulge in his slacks, squeezing him just for an instant before letting go. His eyes closed and he smiled, biting his own lip now as her hand withdrew to her own lap. He glanced at her through the corner of his eyes and the look told her everything he couldn't. . . .Game on.

As they listened to the service, their hands played with each others bodies so subtly that no one else knew. . .but they were nearly beyond control as the service drew to a close. He had stuffed two fingers into her cunt and spread her open, she was dripping wet and needing fucking. They almost forgot where they were. She was teasing his cock, squeezing and brushing and pulling just a little bit at a time. Licking her lips so he knew she was thinking of sucking him . . . draining him. . .. he was sweating and grinning a hungry grin.

They said their amens and raced out of the church. Hand in hand they half ran to the car. As he opened the door, she waved to the others watching them and ran her fingers through his hair. He unlocked the door and she sat down gracefully, pulling up the hem of her dress just as she sat so that her dress was up and her cunt was bare by the time he got to his side. He slid into the car and gawked at her bare pussy, her fingers already in it fucking herself as she waved to people with the other hand. He gunned the engine and sped out of the parking lot, feverish in want for her.

She slid down in the seat as soon as they were on the road, tilting her hips so he could see her fingers fucking her wet cunt. She watched him watching her, three fingers slamming in and out with wet sloppy fucking sounds. She screamed and came as they pulled to a red light, rubbing her cum covered fingers on the window, leaving smears of sex for other cars to see.

They didn't make it home. She was in his lap as soon as they were moving again, greedily pulling open his slacks and freeing his hard cock. She took the head into her mouth and sucked on it as he tried to stay on the road. Precum filled her mouth with a salty taste and she gobbled it up and sucked for more. Her fingers went back to work on her pussy, fucking herself harder and deeper as she sucked him, hoping someone passed by and saw the show of her wide open pussy.

He pulled into a parking lot. . .the first large store he found and parked as fast as he could. Sweat was running down his brow as he got closer and closer to cumming. She pulled off his cock and kissed him, pushing him back into the seat as she stroked his hard cock, all slippery and wet from her mouth. Then she turned and shoved her ass towards him, her pussy spread wide and waiting.

"Fill me. . ." She begged and he growled in return. He lined his cock up with her pussy and thrust into her, knowing it would only be a thrust or two more and he was going to unload. Grabbing her hair he pushed her face against the cum smeared window and fucked into her once, twice and then a third time so hard the car rocked. She screamed as she felt his cum explode into her and came again, her cunt gripping his cock tight and milking him for every drop.

They sat their panting and dripping cum and sweating for a moment and then she looked at him and laughed. "Dammit honey. . .we forgot the kids at Sunday school."